2/3/4L Silicone enema Kit
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Name:2/3/4L Silicone enema Kit
Sterilization:EO gas
Tube OD:9MM
Logo:Availabe for 500pcs
Package:25pcs per carton
Gross Weight:25KG
Delivery time:7days

Product Description

The CleanStream Silicone Open Flow-Top Bag is an easy-to-use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse.

This open-top enema kit includes one nozzle tip with 50 inches of flexible tubing and one easy-hang hook.

The enema bag is made of premium, durable silicone and holds approximately 2.5 quarts of liquid.
Material: Silicone, metal
Color: White
Bag capacity: 2L,3L or 4L



The Water Bottle Douche Kit is a standard over the counter water bottle douche kit.

It comes with everything you need for a superior clean.
The Water Bottle Douche Kit includes:
An enema tip
A vaginal tip
Stopper and hook
Shut off clamp


Medical enema douche bag set

1. Size: 2L; 3L;4L
2. Irrigation Kits; 
3. Certificate: FDA, CE and SIO.

Health Benefits:

Capacity 2L. 3L .4L
Material 100% Silicone
Aceessories enema nozzle,clamp and drain tube,one way valve


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