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Name:Blood Glucose Monitor
Test Humidity:20 ~ 80 RH
Battery life:1,000 tests
Test Specimen:Capillary Whole Blood
Sample Size:0.6μL
Test time:5 Seconds
Memory:360 memories
LCD Display:2826mm
Battery Type:One 3.0V CR2032
Logo:Available when buy 1000sets

Product Description


1ul small blood sample
Large capacity 360 memories with date & time
Automatic 7, 14,& 28 days average
Alarm clock reminder
Safe & Easy strip-ejection



Measurement Range:               40-600 mg/dL (2-33.3 mmol/L)

Test Result:                             Corresponding to whole blood glucose  concentration

Sample:                                   Fresh capillary whole blood

Sample Size                            Approximately 1 microlitre

Measuring Time:                      5 seconds

Battery                                   One 3.0 V CR2032 lithium battery

Battery Life:                           12 month or approximately 1,000 tests

Gluocose Display Unit:           mmol/L or mg/dL, Switchable

LCD Size:                              35*31.5 mm (L*H)

Hematocrit                             30-50%


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